Matthew J. Salie, Ph.D.

Curriculum Vitae

My current project can be summarized as a proteomic study of prokaryotic physiology. The proteome is responsible for carrying out all of the biochemical processes in the cell and must be modified to adapt to a changing environment. Since the proteome is the largest energetic cost to the cell, it must be rigorously and efficiently maintained. We want to understand how the proteome of E. coli responds to specific growth rate limitations (e.g. carbon). This work will produce a predictive model that can be used to determine the physiological state of a cell in vivo and can be applied to various health-related studies (e.g. infectious bacteria, microbiome). I am developing methods to quantify global protein abundance and protein degradation rates in E. coli cultures using heavy isotope labeling and mass spectrometry. I am also setting up and optimizing a chemostat workflow in the lab to allow for precise control of culture growth conditions.

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